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Recycling During The Festive Season - Keep Your Party Green

Party drinks - Recycling at a party

Festive season is upon us! It's the time of year for great food, family and drinks. However, keep your parties green as possible with our festival cheat sheet.

Plastic bottles & containers

Cold drink, juice, water & milk bottles.

Food Scraps

Setup a separate bin or container for food waste for your compost heap (no meat or dairy products).

Glass bottles & containers

Wine, beer, water, cold drink & juice bottles.

Boxes & cardboard

Paper towel rolls, clean pizza, gifts, beer or wine boxes.

Aluminium & steel cans

Cold drinks & beer tins, aluminium foil.

Decorations & cards

Paper decorations, consider using alternatives to balloons such as biodegradable balloons, cards and envelops.

Please feel free download the cheat sheet or to add any other items not mentioned.

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