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Recycling Colection Cape Town.





Regenize (Pty) Ltd offers a unique recycling collections service that rewards the user for recycling actions. The recycling actions are recognised only when the user subscribes and adheres to the Regenize (Pty) Ltd processes as well as Terms and Conditions.


Regenize (Pty) Ltd (“”) owns and operates the Website. This document governs your relationship with Regenize (Pty) Ltd (“”). Access to and use of this Website and the products and services available through this Website (collectively, the "Services") are subject to the following terms, conditions and notices (the "Terms of Service"). By using the Services, the users are agreeing to all of the Terms of Service, as may be updated by us from time to time. The user should check this page regularly to take notice of any changes Regenize may have made to the Terms of Service.


Access to this Website is permitted on a temporary basis, and Regenize reserve the right to withdraw or amend the Services without notice. Regenize will not be liable if for any reason this Website is unavailable at any time or for any period, though communication will be sent out should such an event occur. From time to time, Regenize may restrict access to some parts or this entire Website.

This Website may contain links to other websites (the "Linked Sites"), which are not operated by Regenize (Pty) Ltd. Regenize (Pty) Ltd has no control over the Linked Sites and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them. Your use of the Linked Sites will be subject to the terms of use and service contained within each such site.


Our privacy policy, which sets out how Regenize will use your information, can be found at [Privacy Policy Link]. By using this Website, the users consent to the processing described therein and warrant that all data provided by the user is accurate.


1. The Website

This website and its owners take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. This website complies to all the Republic of South Africa’s (RSA) national laws and requirements for user privacy.


2. Use of Cookies

This website uses cookies to better the users experience while visiting the website. Where applicable this website uses a cookie control system allowing the user on their first visit to the website to allow or disallow the use of cookies on their computer / device. This complies with recent legislation requirements for websites to obtain explicit consent from users before leaving behind or reading files such as cookies on a user's computer / device.


Cookies are small files saved to the user's computer’s hard drive that track, save and store information about the user's interactions and usage of the website. This allows the website, through its server to provide the users with a tailored experience within this website.

Users are advised that if they wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from this website on to their computers hard drive they should take necessary steps within their web browsers security settings to block all cookies from this website and its external serving vendors.


This website uses tracking software to monitor its visitors to better understand how they use it. This software is provided by Google Analytics which uses cookies to track visitor usage. The software will save a cookie to your computer’s hard drive in order to track and monitor your engagement and usage of the website, but will not store, save or collect personal information. The user can read Google's privacy policy here for further information [].

Other cookies may be stored to your computer’s hard drive by external vendors when this website uses referral programs, sponsored links or adverts. Such cookies are used for conversion and referral tracking and typically expire after 30 days, though some may take longer. No personal information is stored, saved or collected.


3. Information collected

Users subscribing to services with Regenize will be required to provide basic identification information which includes, full name, email address, home address and cellular number. In specific occasion, Regenize may require the user to supply the company with additional information about the user. In such cases, the requirements and usage of the required data will be specified to the user. Regenize will never request information related to, Political or religious beliefs, Health and sexuality, Racial or ethnic origin, and Criminal convictions.

4. User generated Information

Users generate information during their lawful service related activity with the company. This information is the property of the company and include, timings of collections, amount of packages and kilograms accumulated, amount of carbon emissions and Remali accumulated, email queries and blog interactions, surveys and polls.

5. Contact & Communication

Users contacting this website and/or its owners do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk. Your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use, as detailed in the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013. Every effort has been made to ensure a safe and secure form to email submission process but advise users using such form to email processes that they do so at their own risk.

This website and its owners use any information submitted to provide the user with further information about the products / services they offer or to assist the user in answering any questions or queries the user may have submitted. This includes using your details to subscribe the user to any email newsletter program the website operates but only if this was made clear to the user and your express permission was granted when submitting any form to email process. Or whereby the consumer (i.e. the user) have previously purchased from or enquired about purchasing from the company a product or service that the email newsletter relates to. This is by no means an entire list of your user rights in regard to receiving email marketing material. Your details are not passed on to any third parties.


6. Email Newsletter

This website operates an email newsletter program, used to inform subscribers about products and services supplied by this website. Users automatically subscribe once they sign up though no payment is required or should be accepted by the User in any form. Some subscriptions may be manually processed through prior written agreement with the user.


Subscriptions are taken in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013. All personal details relating to subscriptions are held securely and in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013. No personal details are passed on to third parties nor shared with companies / people outside of the company that operates this website. Under the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013, the user may request a copy of personal information held about the user by this website's email newsletter program. A small fee will be payable. If the user would like a copy of the information held on the user please write to the business address at the bottom of this policy.


Email marketing campaigns published by this website or its owners may contain tracking facilities within the actual email. Subscriber activity is tracked and stored in a database for future analysis and evaluation. Such tracked activity may include; the opening of emails, forwarding of emails, the clicking of links within the email content, times, dates and frequency of activity [this is by no far a comprehensive list].

This information is used to refine future email campaigns and supply the user with more relevant content based around their activity.


In compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013, subscribers are given the opportunity to un-subscribe at any time through an automated system. This process is detailed at the footer of each email campaign. If an automated un-subscription system is unavailable clear instructions on how to un-subscribe will by detailed instead.


7. External Links

Although this website only looks to include quality, safe and relevant external links, users are advised to adopt a policy of caution before clicking any external web links mentioned throughout this website. (External links are clickable text / banner / image links to other websites).

The owners of this website cannot guarantee or verify the contents of any externally linked website despite their best efforts. Users should therefore note they click on external links at their own risk and this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.



8. Adverts and Sponsored Links

This website may contain sponsored links and adverts. These will typically be served through our advertising partners, to who may have detailed privacy policies relating directly to the adverts they serve.

Clicking on any such adverts will send the user to the advertiser’s website through a referral program which may use cookies and will track the number of referrals sent from this website. This may include the use of cookies which may in turn be saved on your computer’s hard drive. Users should therefore note they click on sponsored external links at their own risk and this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.


9. Third Party links

Regenize may include links to third party sites. Third party sites have separate privacy policies. Thus, Regenize has no responsibility or liability for the content and activity of these links.


10. Social Media Platforms

Communication, engagement and actions taken through external social media platforms that this website and its owners participate on are custom to the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies held with each social media platform respectively.


Users are advised to use social media platforms wisely and communicate / engage upon them with due care and caution in regard to their own privacy and personal details. Neither this website nor its owners will ever ask for personal or sensitive information through social media platforms and encourage users wishing to discuss sensitive details to contact them through primary communication channels such as by telephone or email.


This website may use social sharing buttons which help share web content directly from web pages to the social media platform in question. Users are advised before using such social sharing buttons that they do so at their own discretion and note that the social media platform may track and save your request to share a web page respectively through your social media platform account.


11. Shortened Links in Social Media

This website and its owners through their social media platform accounts may share web links to relevant web pages. These include links to Regenize (Pty) Ltd partners and third party vouchers (or product) providers.

By default some social media platforms shorten lengthy URL’s [web addresses] (this is an example:

Users are advised to take caution and good judgement before clicking any shortened URL’s published on social media platforms by this website and its owners. Despite the best efforts to ensure only genuine URL’s are published many social media platforms are prone to spam and hacking and therefore this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any shortened links.


In order to access our services, the user must register for an account through the website. As part of the registration process, the user may be required to provide us with your personal information about yourself including:

Email address, contact cellular number, recycling collection address, and a password.


The user must certify that any information entered in our website is accurate, correct, and up to date.



Regenize (Pty) Ltd offers two recycling collection services, namely; Paid collection Services and Free Drop-off Location Collections.


1. Paid Collection Services

Paid collections are subject to the User purchasing a subscription for the collection of recyclables from their household once a week, on a weekly basis. Subscriptions are sold on monthly basis, and user reserves the right to purchase collections services as required per month period.

Recyclables collected from paid collection subscribers are to be in line with the requirements of the Paid Recycling Collection Service Agreement.


2. Paid Recycling Collection Service Agreement

  • Recyclables are to be cleaned (i.e. rinsed for hygiene purposes) before packaging

  • Recyclables are to be packaged in a plastic bag that is knotted and unbreached.

  • Recycling bags to be marked with the User’s details i.e. cellphone number in visible and legible format for the purpose of assigning Remali.

  • Recyclables are to be placed inside the designated Regenize Recycling Bins at designated partnering locations communicated times for collection

  • Large recyclables such as cardboard boxes are to be flattened and cut to fit into a bag that can be placed inside the designated Regenize Recycling Bin

  • Not more than 10 kg of recyclables will be collected from each drop-off per week. Regenize (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to reject and or charge additional fees in the form of Remali deducted for collections exceeding the limit for a Free Drop-off Location User.


3. Free Drop-off Locations

Drop-off locations are to be utilised at the discretion of the User. Recyclables dropped off are to be in line with the requirements of the Free Recycling Collection Service Agreement. Recyclables will be collected twice weekly from the drop-off location on randomised days by Regenize (Pty) Ltd personnel.


4. Free Recycling Collection Service Agreement

  • Recyclables are to be cleaned (i.e. rinsed for hygiene purposes) before packaging

  • Recyclables are to be sorted by type and placed in corresponding bags (i.e. all plastics packaged together in bag, all paper packaged together and in separate bag from paper etc.)

  • Recyclables are to be packaged in a plastic bag that is knotted and unreached

  • Recyclables are to be placed outside the household on the curb side before the designated and communicated times for collection

  • Large recyclables such as cardboard boxes are to be flattened and placed underneath recycling bags.

  • Not more than 10 kg of recyclables will be collected from each household per week. Regenize (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to reject and or charge additional fees for collections exceeding the limit for a household.


Regenize (Pty) Ltd will utilise the following platforms for communications;

  • Social media.

    • Advertisement of Rewards and services,

    • Interaction with Users and Subscribers.

  • Email

    • Successful Sign-Up and Welcome,

    • Remali accumulated for the month ending,

    • Advertisement of Rewards,

    • Emergency notifications,

    • Newsletters, bi-monthly,

    • Interaction with Users and Subscribers.

  • Cellular phone
    This will be in the form of SMS communications that inform the User of;

    • Successful Sign-Up and Welcome,

    • Collection Service Reminders,

    • Remali accumulated / earned for the week.

This platform will be utilised at random with correspondence occurring within 24 to 48 hours after a transaction or action between Regenize (Pty) Ltd and the User.


Regenize (Pty) Ltd obtains the rewards promoted on from third party partners and suppliers. All rewards are only purchasable through the use of Remali accumulated from recycling actions completed by the User.

1. Remali system

In terms of the Regenize (Pty) Ltd Remali system, the user accumulates Remali based on the weight of their recyclables. Regenize (Pty) Ltd equates 100 Remali to every 1kg recycled by subscribed users of the Regenize Recycling Collection Service.
The earned Remali are primary source of transaction within the E-Commerce system. No monetary transactions for vouchers (or products) will be processed.

The user will earn Remali after your recyclables have been collected, weighed, and the information has been processed and updated. This may take within 24-48 hours.

If the user has a query about the amount of Remali in your account or the user believes there is a discrepancy in Remali in your account, the user must contact us in writing and explain your query within 30 days of the transaction occurring.

Any physical voucher purchased from our website will be delivered by the next collection date if purchased 24 hours before the Regenize team sets out for collection.

2. Redeeming Rewards

The User must be a subscriber of the Regenize Recycling Collection Service. Sign up can be completed in the website. Subscribers are to be signed up as Paid Household or Free Drop-off Location users.

  • User subscribes

  • User recycles (See Collections section for details)

  • Regenize collects Users’ recyclables

  • Regenize weighs the recyclables

  • Regenize assigns Remali based on the weight of the subscribed Users’ recyclables

  • Subscribed User receives Remali

  • User can log into to redeem rewards by purchasing available vouchers

Once purchased, vouchers will be in digitised format and can be redeemed with the third party provider which will be communicated by Regenize (Pty) Ltd.

Disclaimer: Once User is unsubscribed from Regenize Recycling Collection Service, the user forfeits all Remali earned. In addition the User account is locked or deleted - per the discretion of Regenize Voucher Platform administrators.


The Website facilitates recycling collection service and voucher purchase through the use of Remali earned from recycling actions online. The use of any voucher (or product) bought from this Website is at the purchaser's risk. The purchaser/ user indemnifies and holds Regenize (Pty) Ltd harmless against any loss, injury or damages which may be sustained as a result of using the voucher products sold on the Website.


1. Vouchers

REGENIZE undertakes that it has taken all reasonable precautions to secure Remali purchasing and processing that is carried out to receive payment for vouchers redeemed. REGENIZE cannot be held responsible for security breaches occurring on the User's electronic device (Personal Computer or other electronic device used to browse the Website), which may result due to the lack of adequate virus protection software or spyware that the User may inadvertently have installed on his/her device.


2. Recycling Collections Service

Regenize cannot be held responsible for security breaches occurring on the User's electronic device (Personal Computer or other electronic device used to browse the Website), which may result due to the lack of adequate virus protection software or spyware that the User may inadvertently have installed on his/her device.


3. Prohibitions

The user must not misuse this Website. The user will not: commit or encourage a criminal offense; transmit or distribute a virus, trojan, worm, logic bomb or any other material which is malicious, technologically harmful, in breach of confidence or in any way offensive or obscene; hack into any aspect of the Service; corrupt data; cause annoyance to other users; infringe upon the rights of any other person's proprietary rights; send any unsolicited advertising or promotional material, commonly referred to as "spam"; or attempt to affect the performance or functionality of any computer facilities of or accessed through this Website. Breaching this provision would constitute a criminal offense and Regenize (Pty) will report any such breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities and disclose your identity to them.


Regenize will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of this Website or to your downloading of any material posted on it, or on any website linked to it.


The intellectual property rights in all software and content (including photographic images) made available to the user on or through this Website remains the property of Regenize (Pty) Ltd or its licensors and are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved by Regenize (Pty) Ltd and its licensors. The user may store, print and display the content supplied solely for your own personal use. The user are not permitted to publish, manipulate, distribute or otherwise reproduce, in any format, any of the content or copies of the content supplied to the user or which appears on this Website nor may the user use any such content in connection with any business or commercial enterprise.



Recycling Collection Service

By placing a service request, the user is offering to purchase a service on and subject to the following terms and conditions. All service requests are subject to availability and confirmation of the service price. Collection times may vary according to collection times communicated (i.e. between 7pm and 9pm) and subject to any delays resulting from logistics delays or force majeure for which Regenize will not be responsible. Free drop-off location services are exempt from the service price concerned with these terms and conditions.



By using Remali to purchase a voucher (or product) on the website, the user is subject to the following terms and conditions. All purchase utilising Remali earned are subject to availability and confirmation of the voucher price (Remali). Dispatch times may vary according to availability and subject to any delays resulting from downtime delays or force majeure for which Regenize will seek to resolve speedily. 


In order to contract with Regenize (Pty) Ltd the user must be over 18 years of age and possess a valid credit or debit card issued by a bank acceptable to us. Regenize (Pty) Ltd retains the right to refuse any request made by you. If your order is accepted Regenize will inform the user by email and Regenize will confirm the identity of the party which the user have contracted with. This will usually be Regenize (Pty) Ltd or may in some cases be a third party (i.e. Payment Gateway service provider). Where a contract is made with a third party Regenize (Pty) Ltd is not acting as either agent or principal and the contract is made between yourself and that third party and will be subject to the terms of sale which they supply you. When placing an order the user undertake that all details the user provide to us are true and accurate, that the user are an authorized user of the credit or debit card used to place your order and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the goods. The cost of foreign products and services may fluctuate. All prices advertised are subject to such changes.

Regenize (Pty) Ltd takes responsibility for all aspects relating to the transaction including sale of goods and services sold on this website, customer service and support, dispute resolution and delivery of goods.


1. Our Contract 

When the user place an order, the user will receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming receipt of your order: this email will only be an acknowledgement and will not constitute acceptance of your order. A contract between us will not be formed until Regenize send the user confirmation by e-mail that the goods or service which the user wish to acquire have been booked against your details. Only those goods listed in the confirmation e-mail sent at the time of dispatch will be included in the contract formed. For example, a User signing up for 3 months’ collection service worth R300, will receive a confirmation stating the 3 month period for collection as well as the R300.


2. Pricing and Availability


Whilst Regenize try and ensure that all details, descriptions and prices which appear on this Website are accurate, errors may occur.

If Regenize discover that the communicated price for collections is erroneous and the user have already paid for the service, Regenize will reimburse the user for the over payment, or treat your payment as full payment should the price of the service be below the actual price. This is on the condition that proof can be supplied in the form of proof of payment as well as additional proof of price communicated (i.e. social media post, blog, website screenshot etc.)


If Regenize discover an error in the Remali price of any goods which the user have ordered, Regenize will inform the user of this as soon as possible and give the user the option of reconfirming your order at the correct Remali price or cancelling it. If Regenize is unable to contact the user, Regenize will treat the order as cancelled. If the user cancel and the user have already paid with your Remali for the vouchers, the user will receive a full refund in the form of Remali utilised. This condition is only valid for errors that have occurred thus resulting in the cancellation of the order. 


3. Delivery of Purchase Policy

Subject to voucher availability and receipt of payment via Remali available, requests will be processed within 24 to 48 hours. All purchases of available vouchers and coupons are to be purchased utilising Remali earned from recycling.

Once purchase is made, no cancellation can be processed. Orders made on the e-commerce facility are final and User takes sole ownership of purchases made. REGENIZE reserves the right to cancel an order for which payment has already been received. This may occur if stock is insufficient or the quality of goods ordered does not meet REGENIZE's standards. Should REGENIZE exercise this right, the User will receive a full refund with of Remali with no deductions.

Any complaints regarding the standard and quality of the product or products bought by consumers through the e-commerce facility should be directed to the Operations Manager, at


4. Payment 

Payment may be made via Visa or MasterCard credit cards or by bank transfer into REGENIZE’s bank account, the details of which will be provided before and after checkout.

Upon receiving your order Regenize carry out a standard authorization check on your payment card to ensure there are sufficient funds to fulfil the transaction. Your card will be debited upon authorisation being received. The monies received upon the debiting of your card shall be treated as a deposit against the value of the service the user has signed up for. Once Regenize receives confirmation of payment, Regenize will send a confirmation of receipt to the User’s email reconfirming the payment made.


5. Returns / Refund Policy

Your selection and purchase of rewards, offers, and vouchers is final and cannot be refunded in Remali or in cash or exchanged for other rewards.

In cases where the rewards are provided by third parties, the subscriber must accept and agree to be bound by that third party’s terms and conditions.

Cash refunds will not be made under any circumstances. Any and all products that are purchased at third party partners. If the user has used a product and found it to be damaged or faulty the user are obligated to contact the third party voucher supplier.

Should the user opt to contact the third party voucher supplier via Regenize; Regenize reserve the right to charge a 10% administration fee for returned orders should the returns process incur significant administration expenses.



Regenize dos not store customer details pertaining to credit / debit cards, therefore, customer details will be stored by Regenize (Pty) Ltd separately from card details.



The merchant outlet country at the time of presenting payment options to the cardholder is South Africa. Transaction Currency is South African Rand (ZAR).




Regenize is not responsible for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, or consequential, suffered by the User in respect of his property or person or any third party or person, arising from or in connection with the service provided. The User accepts the service at its sole risk. The material displayed on this Website is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. Unless expressly stated to the contrary to the fullest extent permitted by law Regenize (Pty) Ltd and its suppliers, content providers and advertisers hereby expressly exclude all conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by statute, common law or the law of equity and shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, including but without limitation to any direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, or damages for loss of use, profits, data or other intangibles, damage to goodwill or reputation, or the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services, arising out of or related to the use, inability to use, performance or failures of this Website or the Linked Sites and any materials posted thereon, irrespective of whether such damages were foreseeable or arise in contract, tort, equity, restitution, by statute, at common law or otherwise. This does not affect Regenize (Pty) Ltd 's liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter or any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.



The user may link to our home page, provided the user does so in a way that is fair and legal and does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it, but the user must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on our part where none exists. The user must not establish a link from any website that is not owned by you. This Website must not be framed on any other site, nor may the user create a link to any part of this Website other than the home page. Regenize reserve the right to withdraw linking permission without notice.


Disclaimer as to ownership of trade marks, images of personalities and third party copyright except where expressly stated to the contrary all persons (including their names and images), third party trademarks and content, services and/or locations featured on this Website are in no way associated, linked or affiliated with Regenize (Pty) Ltd and the user should not rely on the existence of such a connection or affiliation. Any trade marks/names featured on this Website are owned by the respective trade mark owners. Where a trade mark or brand name is referred to it is used solely to describe or identify the products and services and is in no way an assertion that such products or services are endorsed by or connected to Regenize (Pty) Ltd.


1. Indemnity

The user agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Regenize (Pty) Ltd, its founders, directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, and affiliates, from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising from your use this Website or your breach of the Terms of Service.


2. External links

External links may be provided for your convenience, but they are beyond the control of the website owner and no representation is made as to their content. Use or reliance on any external links and the content thereon provided is at your own risk.



Regenize (Pty) Ltd shall have the right in its absolute discretion at any time and without notice to amend, remove or vary the Products and Services and/or any page of this Website.



If any part of the Terms of Service is unenforceable (including any provision in which Regenize exclude our liability to you) the enforceability of any other part of the Terms of Service will not be affected all other clauses remaining in full force and effect. So far as possible where any clause/sub-clause or part of a clause/sub-clause can be severed to render the remaining part valid, the clause shall be interpreted accordingly. Alternatively, the user agrees that the clause shall be rectified and interpreted in such a way that closely resembles the original meaning of the clause /sub-clause as is permitted by law.



Regenize operate a complaints handling procedure which Regenize will use to try to resolve disputes when they first arise, please let us know if the user has any complaints or comments by contacting:


Name: Nkazi / Chad

No.: 073 745 2890 / 071 883 6421



If the user breach these conditions and Regenize take no action, Regenize will still be entitled to use our rights and remedies in any other situation where the user breaches these conditions.



The above Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement of the parties and supersede any and all preceding and contemporaneous agreements between the user and Regenize (Pty) Ltd. Any waiver of any provision of the Terms of Service will be effective only if in writing and signed by a Director of Regenize (Pty) Ltd.



By using, browsing, and reading the website, as well as subscribing for Regenize services the user understands and agrees with the Terms and Conditions.

The user may also accept these Terms and Conditions by clicking to agree with the terms wherever this option is made available to you on the website.


1. Updating these Terms and Conditions

Regenize may review and amend any of these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion by updating this page.

Any changes to the terms take immediate effect from their date of publication.


This website is run by Regenize (Pty) Ltd based in South Africa trading as Regenize (Pty) Ltd and with registration number K2015199955 and Directors Chad John Robertson and Nkazimlo Miti.


If the user has any questions, queries or wish to request permission to use any part of this website, please contact us at:


Regenize (Pty) Ltd

Physical address:
8 Portswood Road
Green Point
Cape Town


Email address:

Contacts: Nkazi / Chad
Tel: 073 754 2890 / 071 883 6421

A copy of the ECT Act is available at

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