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Are Frozen Food Bags Recyclable?

What am I, and why am I not recyclable?

Frozen food bags are made from Low-Density Polypropylene – LDPE with an extra polymer layer, which protects the contents and keeps the food fresh but makes them non-recyclable.

Where do I go? What impact do I have on the environment?

Frozen food bags aren’t only unrecyclable but aren’t biodegradable either and will, unfortunately, have to be disposed of in your general refuse household bin, where they will sadly be sent to the landfill. This causes harm to the environment as the decomposition of these bags emits dangerous methane and carbon dioxide gases that contribute to global warming.

How to avoid me?

There aren’t many options to reuse this packaging, meaning that the best option would be to avoid it entirely. Instead, opt for buying fresh vegetables in a reusable bag and packaging them into reusable clear LDPE Ziploc bags to freeze or any empty storage container you might have, an old glass jar or a plastic container. Alternatively, you could consider canned produce, these aluminium cans hold produce with a long life span, and the packaging is fully recyclable.

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