• zamokuhle7

Offline Simplified Remali

Remali is a virtual currency earned by performing sustainable activities such as recycling with Regenize. Each time you recycle, regardless of the weight, you earn 150 Remali worth R1.50, which you can use to purchase vouchers online or offline.

Remali can be used online to purchase vouchers. However, Remali just got simpler. You can now use your Remali in local community stores that we have partnered with, to purchase anything you need. These stores can be identified by the ‘Remali Accepted Here’ poster.

Simplified Remali has been developed to make Remali more accessible to residents who do not have access to the internet and smartphones. Residents will receive a physical QR code when we come to activate their Simplified Remali. A digital QR code will also be available on www.remali.co.za after you have been registered.