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Organic Trash


Why should you compost your organic waste?

According to the WWF, in South Africa, 10 million tonnes of food go to waste every year, although millions go hungry. That’s a third of the 31 million tonnes produced annually in South Africa. Of this, fruits, vegetables and cereals account for 70% of the wastage and loss primarily throughout the food supply chain – from farm to fork. 
The energy wasted every year in South Africa for producing food, that is not eaten, is estimated to power the City of Johannesburg for roughly 16 weeks. About 90% of waste in SA is disposed of in landfills.


By composting your organic waste, you prevent air, water, and land pollution. By separating non-organics from organics, non-organic recycling is made more efficient. More so, you add value in stabilizing nutrient content in nature. This introduces popular concepts such as cleaner production, zero-waste policy, sustainability, and bio-based circular economy.   
Many actions needed to reduce food waste are already well formulated. The challenge is embedding this knowledge within government, businesses and households.

How to get your organic waste composted with Regenize?


Place your 5L Kitchen compost bin onto your kitchen counter or under your sink and find an ideal spot at home to place your 20L compost bin. Line both compost bins with a paper bag or newspaper.


Start collecting your organic waste in the kitchen compost bin. Do make sure to empty the kitchen compost bin every 2nd day into the 20L compost bin, cover each layer of organic waste with saw dust.


Always ensure the 20L compost bin lid is closed securely (ensure it clips) to prevent any smells that will attract insects.


Rinse out your kitchen counter bin with hot water and line it with a paper bag or newspaper and repeat the process to start collecting organic waste.


On the collection day stipulated in the signup process, our team will come to collect your bin and replace it with a clean bin.

Food Waste Compost

What can you throw in your compost bin?

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