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Q: How do I recycle my electronic waste (e-waste)?

Regenize currently only accepts dry recyclables, such as paper, plastic, glass & metal. However, with the ever-increasing generation of e-waste, we’ve made this post to help you find a drop-off location for your e-waste or a collection service.

Yes, we do agree that the most convenient method would be for Regenize to collect all your other recyclables, such as e-waste and organic waste. However, things take time and we hope to reach that state of convenience soon. Bear with us🙏

So, what exactly is e-waste?

E-waste refers any electronic item that’s discarded or has reached the end of its useful life. Items such as computers, printers, appliances and smartphones are all considered e-waste.

E-waste is on the rise, according to the United Nations, 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are discarded every year. A report from the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism estimated that the Western Cape generated 62 300 tonnes of e-waste in 2015 with the CoCT generating an estimated 43 600 tonnes (70%).

Residents do not generate much e-waste, therefore, we’ll focus on drop off locations for this post. While these are the known solutions, contacting the company you bought the item from might also be a good start.

Drop Off Points:

There are 25 drop-off facilities across Cape Town, but not all accepts e-waste. Click on the drop-off closest to you to understand what is accepted. Do not use the filters as certain drop offs do accept e-waste but filters do not show them.

My Waste My Waste is a database of recycling drop-off locations in South Africa. You can filter the search by the waste you’d like to recycle.

DESCO is a database of recycling drop-off locations in South Africa with a focus on stores selling electronics, such as Makro, Hi-Fi Corporation & Incredible Connection.

EWASA is a database of recycling drop-off locations in South Africa with a focus on e-waste recycling companies.

Collection Services:

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