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Recycling in the Kitchen

Each room in your home should have a quick cheat sheet of the common items that are used in it and that's recyclable. Here's a list of some of the recyclable items in your kitchen:

Plastic bottles & containers

  • Dish washing liquid, liquid hand soap, cold drink, juice, water, milk, yohgurt & sauce containers/bottles.

Boxes & cardboard

  • Paper towel rolls, pizza, cereal & other food boxes, milk cartons.

Aluminium & steel cans

  • Cold drinks & food tins, aluminium foil.

Plastic bags & wrap

  • Bread & plastic grocery bags, cling wrap, cereal box liners.

Glass bottles & containers

  • Food containers, wine, beer, water, cold drink & juice bottles.

Please feel free download the cheat sheet or to add any other items not mentioned.

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