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Paying with Masterpass

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Masterpass is a convenient & trusted digital wallet from MasterCard for faster & safer online shopping.

A digital wallet allows you to store all your payment/card information in one secure place and making payments easier by scanning a code instead of adding your card details for each purchase. In order to use the Masterpass digital wallet, you'll need to download the Masterpass app from your app store.

Masterpass works with all major credit, cheque and debit cards and secures the users data using industry leading technology.

To find out more about Masterpass and register for the service, please follow this link.

The following are explanations of how to pay using Masterpass (once you've registered with Masterpass).

1. Select the Masterpass option from the payment options.

Payment options

2. Once you see this screen, please click on "CONTINUE".

Masterpass 1

3. You'll now be provided with a unique QR code and pin code.

4. Next, you'll open your app and scan the QR code and provide the ATM pin or one time pin. Alternatively, you can dial *120*395*UNIQUE CODE# from your phone.

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