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Paying with Instant EFT

The only difference between Instant EFT and normal EFT is that the payment reflect instantly compared to the usual 2 day wait with normal EFT. To use this option or normal EFT is completely up to you. However, if you do decide to use your normal EFT, please do not forget to use your invoice number as the reference. Below are explanations and screenshots of how to pay with Instant EFT:

1. Select the Instant EFT options from the payment options.

Instant EFT

2. Select your bank.

Instant EFT bank options

3. Login to your online banking account and make the payment to the details provided. Please ensure you use the correct provided reference code when using Instant EFT and not your invoice number. The invoice number should only be used when you're paying using Normal EFT and not Instant EFT.

Instant EFT payment details

Once you've completed the payment, click on "HAVE COMPLETED PAYMENT".

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