At Regenize we want to create the largest impact we possibly can.

From research and experience we know that waste pickers play a very important role cleaning our environment. Research shows that each waste picker diverts about 24 tonnes of recyclable waste from the landfill each year. We also know that majority of South Africans do not recycle at a residential level as some cannot afford a private service, some don’t have a free municipal collection services and others don’t even have access to recycling drop offs. At Regenize, our mission is not profit driven, but impact driven.

For these reasons, in 2018, we decided to start a pilot project, a free residential recycling collection service, which is still currently running in the Bridgetown community. We preferred not to use vehicles to perform collections, as we wanted to partner with waste pickers & the unemployed to perform these collections using tricycles. With the results from the pilot project, we plan to raise investments to scale the project to more areas.


Regenize is a recognised Level 1 BBBEE Company

Cape Town, South Africa

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