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All glass bottles are made from materials such as sand, soda ash and recycled glass. 

Why should you recycle glass?

  • Recycling a bottle/jar would save enough energy to power a fluorescent light bulb for seven hours straight!

  • The Glass Recycling Company states that for every ton of waste used to manufacture new glass, 1.2 tons of natural resources are saved in the process. 

  • By taking the transportation and processing of the glass into account, for every ton of glass made out of recycled glass, 670kg of CO2 emissions are saved.

  • You can get a return fee when you return certain bottles.

What is it recycled into?

Your glass is recycled into new glass products.

How to recycle?

  • Rinse your glasses with grey-water.

  • Put it in your recycling bag when it is dry.

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