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A smarter way of earning Remali

For the past four years, we’ve been doing our best to ensure we reward residents for recycling with Remali. Remali is currently earned based on how much a household recycled, 1kg of recyclables = 100 Remali. Therefore creating the impression that the more you recycle, the better. However, this is not the case, recycling is only the third 'R' from the '3R’s' (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and rewarding people for creating more waste is not part of the circular vision we have for our planet.

Furthermore, from an economic point, the heavier your recyclables are, does not correlate to the value. Here’s an example of two houses:

  • House A - on the collection, the recyclables are weighed at 30kg, but it’s mostly glass. In return, the household receives 3000 Remali. Yet, the value of the recyclables is only R3.

  • House B - on the collection, the recyclables are weighed at 1kg, but it’s mostly aluminium cans. In return, the household receives 100 Remali. Yet, the value of the recyclables is R9.

Therefore, it’s clear that environmentally and economically our current way of rewarding you with Remali required a rework. It is for these reasons that we’ve decided to change the method of earning Remali.

Rest assured, you will still get rewarded, but in a smarter way. Remali will be earned on an activity basis, meaning that every time you recycle, regardless of the weight of your recyclables, you will earn 150 Remali.

With this change, we are also going to have to convert your current Remali to the new valuation model. Here's an example of how the conversion will work:

The points conversion will be effective from 10:00 on 21/11/2020. If you have any questions/concerns or suggestions, chat to us on Whatsapp (081 534 3586) or pop us an email (

Remember by recycling with Regenize, you are helping to shape a future where your environmental impact can be the catalyst for influencing industry behaviour, creating opportunities for communities to access recycling services and support for waste pickers – who are at the heart of driving recycling up in the country.

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