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We Love To Get Social With It!

Like we always say "This is the life we chose" so we live it!

In the past few months we have been getting very social and sharing our journey and vision with everyone. As a result, we have been covered in a few local newspapers, with a highlight of having our very own Chad Robertson dubbed the "Disciple of Recycling" on the front page of the Tyger Burger!

We enjoy getting involved in social efforts that can make a positive impact on our society. In the month of March, with the Water Crisis in Cape Town reaching critical levels, Chad Robertson represented Regenize at the Rise Water Hackathon event hosted at the Rise HQ in Woodstock Exchange. The goal; to create an innovative solution for the City of Cape Town's water crisis through the use of technology, innovation and collaboration, Read more about it here.

Having built our very own "Points and Rewards" e-commerce platform, we were invited to guest lecture at the University of Cape Town. We had the opportunity to share our knowledge on e-commerce, software implementations, business models and general experiences around social entrepreneurship and start-up culture to E-Commerce students in their final year of study.

From community to community, our journey took us to Phillipi where we were able to carry out a lesson, as well as participate with social Angels in giving away school attire and goodies to over 400 school youth from grades R to 7. It was so much fun, especially translating some of the lesson from English to Afrikaans!

And in an effort to realize the greater Regenize vision, we recently visited the community of Lavender Hill with support from a local NPO, Learning in Reach. We were fortunate enough to dialogue with community leaders and seniors around how we can introduce environmental awareness and opportunities that can truly benefit the community - tackling many of the social issues that it is faced with everyday. It was very enlightening, and we look forward to doing a lot more visits to communities in the near future.

Our cause goes beyond just recycling. We want to motivate people and really make it part of our culture with everyone benefiting.

So that is our social side in a very tiny little nutshell! We hope we have inspired you to continue to do your bit. Watch out for Regenize in your community. You never know... The next words you hear might be "Recycle. Reward. Repeat."

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