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Recycling Activator

Who Are We?

Regenize is a recycling solution on a mission to make recycling more accessible, inclusive and rewarding. We provide recycling services to households and apartments, partner with informal collectors to perform the collection and reward residents for recycling with our virtual currency called Remali which can be used to purchase various vouchers from airtime, data, and groceries. We, not only partner with informal waste collectors, we provide them with uniforms, recycling tricycles, and mobile devices that connect them to the households who separate their waste.

Why Join Us?

If you want to work with a company that’s focused on impact, inclusivity, the environment, and innovation, then we are the company for you. We are an early-stage company with a small team so there’s plenty of room to grow and learn.

Who Are We Looking For?

A recycling activator. You need to have excellent communication, customer service, and relationship-building skills with good English and Afrikaans vocabulary skills. We need someone who is energetic, neat and persuasive, who has the ability to influence people to change their behaviour, but also someone who can manage rejection. Importantly, you need to be willing to become educated around environmental issues and recycling in order to answer all the resident’s questions. Must be able to use and have access to a smartphone and be able to work in different environments and communities.

What Will You Be Doing?

The role of a recycling activator is to motivate residents to signup for the Regenize recycling collection service by explaining how our recycling process works, what makes it unique and why they should support it. You’ll assist them with signing up, explain how to get started and how to recycle. You’ll educate them on Remali, how it works and how they can redeem it. You’ll also be doing follow up visits to understand if there’re any problems with their experience and report it to the team. You’ll be activating residents in specific residential areas.


Sales/customer service: 1 year (Preferred)



Please email your CV to

Recycling Colection Cape Town.
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