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In the meantime download our Recyclable Items & Non-Recyclable Items poster.

  • What plastic items can I recycle?
    Bottles Jars Jugs Yogurt cups .. and other food and drink containers Liquid detergent, fabric softener, bleach, shampoo bottles Each plastic product has a Plastic Identification Code which is a triangle with a number from 1 to 7 inside, visiable usually on the bottom.
  • What does the numbers in the recycling triangle mean?
    1. PET – POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE PET is a favourite of soft drink manufacturers. It’s also used for bottled water and a wide variety of food products are packaged in it. It takes about 30,000 PET bottles to make one ton of recycled PET. PET is recycled into …Hollow-fibre filling for jackets, duvets, pillows and sleeping bags is the main use for clear PET bottles in South Africa. Green bottles are turned into building insulation (Isotherm); PET is also recycled in geotextiles for road stabilisation and dam linings, and Plastiwood. 2. HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE You’ll find this logo on milk bottles, cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries, crates and motor oils, among others. HDPE is recycled into … Recycling bins, compost bins, buckets, detergent containers, posts, fencing, pipes, plastic timber and plastic chairs. 3. POLYVINYL CHLORIDE PVC has been described as a “difficult” plastic. Its use is being phased out – in many cases it is being replaced by PET. Try to avoid buying products with PVC packaging, but if you can’t avoit it, it is unlikely to be recycled so the Plastics Federation of SA’s advice is to just throw it away with ordinary rubbish. 4. LOW-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE Number 4 plastic is used to make rubbish bags, frozen veggie bags, building film, some squeezable bottles and cosmetic tubs. LDPE is recycled into … Bin liners, pallet sheets, irrigation piping, a variety of containers, and construction and building film. 5. POLYPROPYLENE This type of plastic is used in bottles, ice cream tubs, straws, microwave dishes, kettles, garden furniture, lunch boxes, packaging tape and bottle caps. PP is recycled into … Pegs, bins, pipes, pallet sheets, oil funnels, car battery cases and trays. 6. POLYSTYRENE There are two kinds of polystyrene: high-impact, from which products like yoghurt cups are made, and expanded polystyrene, from which meat and vegetable trays are made. PS is recycled into … Picture frames, curtain rails, finials, skirting boards, cornices, stationery eg, rulers, seedling trays, coathangers. 7. OTHER This is not the type of plastic you’re likely to recycle at home. And, according to the Plastic Federation of SA, it is not recycled in South Africa at the moment, so put it in the dustbin.
  • How to tell the plastic type when there's no code?
    NO CODES VISIBLE? Here are some easy trips, characteristics and tricks how to find out which plastic it is: 1. PET is usually clear or green, it often sinks in water, and is rigid. 2. HDPE is semi-rigid, sinks in water such as PET and is resistant to chemicals. Further, it feeld harder and more crinkly. Your plastic bag might be from HDPE too but you need to distingush them from LDPE bags! Crinkle them in your hands - soft and swishing? LDPE! Crisper and crinkly? HDPE! 3. PVC is mostly semi- rigid, has a glossy shine and sinks in water. 4. LDPE is flexible and feels soft and smooth. Your plastic bag might be from LDPE too but you need to distingush them from HDPE bags! Crinkle them in your hands - soft and swishing? LDPE! Crisper and crinkly? HDPE! 5. PP is semi- rigid with a low gloss. This type of plastic sound similar to HDPE and is crinkly. But! It feels firmer and the trick here: it does not stretch. So, it will simply rips and tears without stretching at all. 6. PS is often brittle, a bit glossy and at the same time lightweight and thermal insulation. Still can't tell if it's recycling or not? Send us an email. If you can't reycle the item, find a creative way to reuse it, and try to avoid buying unlabeled plastics in the future.
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  • What glass items can I recycle?
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