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Cereal Box (Paperboard)
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Cereal boxes are made of paperboard, which is a different grade of paper than corrugated cardboard. The paperboard boxes have a thin layer of plastic and are usually printed heavily on the visible side and have a white or grey side on the back. These boxes are commonly used to package cereals, tea, tissues, biscuits, and frozen foods.

Cereal boxes are different from corrugated cardboard. Paperboard is weaker than cardboard because it has weaker paper fibres, which decreases its value. When it is recycled, it is sorted as common-mix.


If any bale mixes two out of these three grades of paper (newspaper, office waste and paperboard), it is defined as common-mix.

How to recycle?

  • Keep your boxes flat.

  • Ensure that is not oily (takeaway boxes) and it is not soaking wet (frozen food boxes).

  • Flatten the boxes when empty.

  • Throw it in your recycling bag.

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