Paper is made from wood, so when you are recycling paper, you are saving trees that we need to fight climate change.


Things to note when recycling paper:

  • Separate your paper from wet waste. Wet paper or soiled tissues are not recyclable.

  • Ensure that the paper is kept dry.

  • Make a paper-only box to keep your dry paper.

Why recycled paper?

  • In 2014, South Africa recovered 64% of its paper for recycling. In perspective, this is 1.1 million tonnes, which is enough to fill more than 1,200 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

  • Only 5% of households conscientiously recycle their paper, this means that there are still a lot of economic opportunities available to recycle paper and more trees can still be saved.

  • Saves landfill space: Recycling just a tonne of paper removes the need for three cubic metres of landfill space.

  • 24 trees are needed to produce a ton of writing paper.


What is it recycled into?

Cereal boxes

Pizza boxes

Cardboard products

Egg trays

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