Pizza boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which can get soiled with food residue. When the box is soiled with grease and food particles and then recycled, the whole batch would be of low quality since the greases affect the bonding properties of the paper fibres.

When is it recycled?

Corrugated cardboard is stronger and thicker than paperbaord, so it is primarily used for packaging. Corrugated cardboard is also more recyclable than paperboard.

As long as the pizza box is still clean, unused or if you can tear off the clean parts of the And if you tear off the top part of the box, then they will be accepted for recycling.

When is it not recycled?

When the box is soiled.

What now?

  • Ask the shop to put a wax paper underneath the pizza, that way you can enjoy your pizza, throw your clean pizza box in the recycling bin and only throw the wax paper away.

  • Ask the shop to cut up your pizza and package it in your own container.

  • Compost the soiled parts that will not be accepted for recycling

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